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Jagaran Nepal organized one day interaction on "Role of Legislative Member on local governance law making process through GESI lens" " aided by DCA. It was held in Gauriganga Municipality, Kailali on 2nd Sep 2018 where total 25 legislative members participated in the program including Deputy Mayor and  Chief Executive Officer. The program was organized with an objective to discuss on role of legislative member in law making process as autonomous local governance.  As per constitutional mandate, local governance has right to make law, implement  the law and monitor the law as well.  The program has been organized to ensure that each law and policy formulated by local governance should be gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) friendly.

The interaction program was moderated by Mr.  Rajendra Prasad Pyakurel; representative of National Association of Rural Municipality in Nepal (NARMIN). He mentioned that NARMIN had conducted research where Mr. Balananda Paudel and Mr. Krishna Prasad Sapkota jointly worked as researcher. The research was about mandatory laws of local governance. According to the research, at least 39 laws should be formulated by local governance. In the preliminary session, the discussion was focused on role and responsibility of local governance as autonomous body and about the mandatory laws and bylaws for the well functioning of local governance wing.

This interaction program helped the legislative members of Gauriganga Municipality to prioritize the required laws of local government and in order to do so, it was further discussed to consult the required section, sectors and personnels for the technical support of law making process. In this context, Jagaran Nepal committed to work and coordinate on draft law making process, orgainze focus group discussion and interaction program as well. Jagaran Nepal will be providing the draft law in the upcoming days focusing on Health and Sanitation law and infrastructure management law ensuring the issue of GESI after considering feedback from concerned government .