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Interaction on Capacity Development Areas of Local Government

Jagaran Nepal organized one day interaction on " Capacity Development Areas of Local Government"  aided by DCA. It was held in Kailari Rural Municipality, Kailali on 29th Oct 2018 where total 20 legislative members participated in the program including  different section officials of Kialari Rural Municipality,  Deputy Mayor and  Chief Executive Officer. The program was organized with an objective to discuss on areas of capacity development of local government, where CSO's can provide technical software base support to local government.

The discussion raised the issue that elected representatives of local government need different kind of technical support by CSO's.  It was held that  software based support should concentrate on social and political transformation as those kind of support will help to  decrease social bad practices and gender inequality, and create social justice and equal opportunity for all caste, gender and sex. Whereas on the other hand, technical support should focus to establish good leadership for elected representatives focusing on  political, economical and social dimension as well. Likewise discussion was directed to provide technical support on prepared draft  law making process  as act and guidelines.

The program was successfully carried out where the demands were collected from the field level. On the basis of this discussion, JN is planning to make a proposal for next year, where it can include the raised demand from the field as per their need and priorities which would help to support  the capacity development plan of local government.