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"Accountable Local Government : Experience Sharing and Way forward "

Jagaran Nepal organized one day interaction on "Accountable Local Government : experience Sharing and Way forward  "  in-between elected member's of Gauriganga Municipality and kailari Rural Municipality.  For the program, financial support provided by DCA under  Women's Representation and Leadership development -World project. It was held in Masuriya, Kailali on 8th Sep 2018 where total 30 elected members participated in the program including Mayor, Chair Person, Deputy Chair Head , Chief Executive Officer and Ward Chairs. 


The program was organized with an objective to sharing governance practices, which is ensuring the  good governance at concern local body and also build a common understanding about accountability tools and make similarities on it.


The interaction program was moderated by prof. Dr. Hem Raj Pant as an Governance Expert. During the interaction program, Mayor of Gauriganga Municipality and Chair person of Kailari Rural Municipality work as guest facilitator and share own local government existing practices to ensure the governance.

The interaction has been held along with, group discussion and presentation by participant. Focusing on , different tools of social accountability, which are used by concern local body, like as social Audit, Public Audit, Public hearing, Exit Pools, Report Cards, Financial Audit, External & Internal and Monitoring and supervision as well.

During the interaction program, participants build a common understanding about different tools of social accountability and its proper used methodology. This will help to be accountable with stakeholder and public as well. It will also address the grievance of public.