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Workshop on Women Caucus : Opportunity and Challenge of Elected Dalit Women Representatives

21-22 May 2019, Dhangadhi

The training was organized with the aim to developa document,which will support the local partners to prepare an action plan to further engagement with the local government for enhancing their capacity to overcome those challenges. On the other hand engaging with network and alliance to build their leadership capacity and strengthening their coping strategies to fight those challenges those which are grooming to be in that position after 3 years.

During the program, Honorable member of Province assembly Mrs.Purna Joshi,  GaurigagaMun - Mayor Bhim Bahadur Deuba, GaurigangaMun- Deputy Mayor AnchalaChaudhari, INSEC Far West Coordinator - Khadak Raj Joshi, DEWF Kailali President –SabitraGhimire were presented as a chief guest  and guests and shared their knowledge ,  experience and also way forwards  with women elected representatives. Similarly Manager of Jagaran Nepal, Mrs.MeenaBista, DEWF Kailali President - Mrs.SabitraGhimire, INSEC Project Coordinator -Ms.SaritaPuri, Honorable member of Province assembly Mrs.Purna Joshi , had played a role of  facilitator during the program.

Finding of the two day's workshop is that, there are lots of challenges that elected women representatives have to face. The major challenge, most of them do not have proper knowledge as per their roles demand to perform.  There is also lack of requiredknowledge, education, leadership skills to carry out the position.  Understanding the laws and policy is most to pursue the given responsibility as elected representatives but capacity enhancement is not visible.  So the context is they are not able to play effective roles.

On the other hand, they are getting lots of concentration form public and CSO's as well.  Till the date numbers of training in different thematic areas from several organizations they have taken. Among them, few of elected member's are strengthened their leadership capacity. More constructive programs are much more needed rather than trainings only with theoretical issues. And at the end of program, they had prepared their action plan to groom up their individual leadership and committed to implement joint action plan and advocacy for their own leadership.Jagaran Nepal has been documenting their opportunities as a success cases and challenges as a key gap and way forward.
Some Glimpses of Event

(Group Photo with participant)

(Group Photo with participant)

(Facilitation by Meena Bista, Manager JN)