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Workshop on Social Justice and Inclusive Policy of Local Government

3-4 May 2019 at Kailali

Jagaran Nepal has conductedone day’s Workshop on Social Justice and Inclusive Policy of Local Government under WoRLD Project of DCA. The program was carried out on 3rd June 2019 at Gauriganga Municipality and 4th June 2019 at Kailari Rural Municipality in the participation of GaurigagaMun - Mayor Bhim Bahadur Deuba, Deputy Mayor AnchalaChaudhary,Kailari rural Municipality Chair Person -LajuramChaudhari, Deputy Chair head - laxmiSatgauwaTharu and respective local government's legislative members of and government staffs as well.

The workshop was organized with the aim to discussissues of Social Justice and Inclusion of local governments and also aiming to document as local government policy.Similarly, the discussion were focus onwhat kind of mechanism should developed at local level,which mechanism will support toensure the gender inequality, social justice and inclusive issue of local government.

During the program, dvocate - SharadaAryal and GESI expert - RajendraPyakurel from Community Research centre, katmanduhad played a role of facilitator during the program. 

The finding of the program is respective Local government'swillingness to ensurethe GESI issue bypolicy. Later, considering feedback from local government, JN will submit the draft document of Social Justice and Inclusion Policy. After implementation of this policy, It is expected that, women, children, dalit, marginalized and disadvantage group of people will be benefited and they feel the presence of local government.