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Technical support on social justice and social transformation in GaurigangaMun and Kailari Rural Mun

Jagaran Nepal has handover draft policy of Gender Inequality and Social Inclusive Policy 2076and Policy Against Harmful Practices of the society to the Local Government 2076 under WoRLD Project of DCA. The program was carried out on 22nd June 2019 at Gauriganga Municipality and 23rd June 2019 at Kailari Rural Municipality in the participation of GaurigagaMun - Mayor Bhim Bahadur Deuba, Deputy Mayor AnchalaChaudhary,Kailari rural Municipality Chair Person -LajuramChaudhari, Deputy Chair head - laxmiSatgauwaTharu and respective local government's legislative members of as well.

The main objective of this activity is todevelop institutional mechanism of local government, whichwill work to ensure the gender inequality, social justice and inclusive issue of local government.

The result of the program is respective Local government ( Kailari Rural Municipality, Gauriganga Municipality and PachadewalBinayak Municipality) commit to been ensure the Gender Inequality and Social Inclusive Policy and Policy Against Harmful Practices of the society by upcomingRural/ Municipal council and will go its implementation.For the draft documentation and preparation, Community Research centre, katmandu had played a role of facilitator. 

After implementation of this policy, It is expected that, women, children, dalit, marginalized and disadvantage group of people will be benefited and harmful practices of the society will be reduce and also decrease different kind of violence against women, children.  On the other hand, through the different kind of loose forum and social mechanism like TLO, youth club, child club, mother groups, indigenous group of people, network will play a key role for social transformation and maintain social justice.