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Sharing program on South Asian Level Task Force Committee member

Task force sharing meeting was held on the 4th July 17, 2019 at Hotel Himalaya at Kupondole, Lalitpur. The project with the International Movement against All Forms of Discrimination (IMADR) with support of European Union has formed a task force Committee in each four of the country Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India and Nepal.  From Nepal, Jagaran Nepal was one of the implementing partners who have formed a Task Force committee of 7 member’s expertise from different field/sectors. This committee goal was to sensitize men and women on Chaupaddi Tradition, a current issue of Nepal. The members from Nepal were the following personalities.

  • Dr Keshav khadka – Professor 
  • Tanka Pant-  Senior media officer
  • Nisha Baniya – Senior advocate 
  • Milan Dharel- Researcher 
  • Dr Bigya Shah- Psychotherapy consultant 
  • Sharmila Karki- Senior women’s rights worker 
  • Samjhana Pokharel- President Jagaran Nepal

In the program Mrs. Sharmila Karki, Founder Chairperson of Jagaran Nepal had Shared the current status of Chaupadi Tradition of Nepal. She has shared about the Chaupadi tradition, it effect on the women life and risk factor involved on this tradition on health, social economic as well as political. Task force team from Nepal raised the issue of Chaupadi Tradition. They said that Nepal has the good constitution but lack in the implementation had leads to the continuing the practice of this tradition. Women member for the local government also has to practice the Chaupadi tradition for 4 days of menstruation cycle which affects directly in the area of opportunity, capacity and leadership. Further, Psycho social counseling should be organized on this tradition. All the task force from different country should have these kind of sharing program for advocacy at South Asia level on religious minority.

It was a sharing program where the experience from Bangladesh was shared by the MR Muzib Mehdg. He said that this kind of sharing program should be carried on near future too. This helps to identify the different kind of problem and helps to mitigate them as well. Working on the issue of Religious minority is a challenging and a life threatening task in Bangladesh but this sharing helped a lot.

 Further, Mr. Mangala Fernando highlighted the importance of the committee and what were the responsibility of committee member and how to carry out the action against the religious minorities and Chaupaddi Tradition on Nepal. He also   stated that the task force team can identify the problem, challenges and also can develop the activity to fights against the minority issues. Team member of task force are from the different field of expertise, they can also provide counseling through the field the minority issues.

At the end of the meeting Mrs. Samjhana Pokharel Chairperson of Jagaran Nepal concluded the meeting and thanked the IMADR team, all the task force member of different country. She also expressed that all the members of Task Force Committee should team up for strong advocacy against religious minorities.