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Interaction on Mainstreaming Gender Equality, Social Justice and Social Transformation Issue under Policy of Local Government

Jagaran Nepal has accomplished interaction on mainstreaming gender equality, social justice and social transformation issue under policy of local government at Dhangadhi in participation of elected representatives from Kailari Rural Municipality including deputy chair head, laxmi Satgauwa Tharu, Social Development Officer, Yagam kalel and representatives of civil society organization on 25 July 2019 under WoRLD Project of DCA.

Similarly, During the program,representatives of civil society organization were NGO Federation Kailali, Faya Nepal, Maiti Nepal, OREC Nepal, INSEC, NHRC, Man Nepal, AD-JUS Nepal, FEDO Kailali, SANKALPA, NNDSWO, FMDC, WHRD, KPUS Kailali, Tharu Civil Society, FONIJ Kailali, FNG Kailali and other local media persons had been participated.

The main objective of this activity is to explore the ideas and innovation regarding mainstreaming GESI issue by institutional mechanism of local government, which institution (formal & informal) will work to ensure the gender equality, social justice and inclusive issue of local government. 

In-course of the discussion, child marriage, school drop-out, gender based violence, caste based discrimination, traditional harm-full practices and cultural harmful practices are the major challenges of the society in case of Kailari Rural Municipality. During the program, the common understanding has built that is, for social transformation local government’s collaboration and coordination to grab the expertise and experience of civil society's organization. By formulation and mobilization of different social institutions like child club, youth club, TLO, different network, women's group& Network and other indigenous groups of peoples and  their networks . This will be key change maker of the social transformation.