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Building Capacity of the Women for Inclusive Participation

Project Title Building Capacity of the Women for Inclusive Participation
Location Singhiya, Babiya and Sonapur VDCs of Sunsari District

Duration 21 Months (April 2013 to December 2014)
Budget NPR 43,90,300
Funded By
 Funded By
Implementing Organization
Implementing Organization

A.    Title of the Action:  Building Capacity of the Women for Inclusive Participation (WIP)

B.    Overall Objective of the action: To increase participation and role of women politicians in decision making in state policy, political and social institutions". Along this following are the specific objectives of the project.

C.    Specific Objectives

D.    Location of the Action:  Singhiya, Babiya and Sonapur VDCs of Sunsari District

E.    Duration of the Project: 21 Months (April 2013 to December 2014)

F.    Total Budget: Total cost of the project is NPR 43,90,300

G.   Right Holders 

Primary Right Holders:- Women are the primary right holder of the project. Among them women from marginalized groups, socially excluded, economically disadvantaged specially, Madesi, Ethnic, Dalit( Untouchable) and disappearing group of the three VDCs will be selected as primary right holders.

Secondary Right Holders:-  Village Development Committee, District Development Committee, Political Parties, Government Institutions, Media and Stakeholders working for similar field are the secondary right holders of the project. Local level institutions like Users Committees, Cooperatives, Schools, Health Centre and social institutions functioning at local level will be also secondary right holders of the action.

H.    Strategies to implement the project.

I.    Expected Impacts of the Acion

J.    Expected Results and Activities to be carried out.

Result-1. Increased involvement of women in political and social institution (Cooperative, Users' Committees, Political Parties)

Result- 2. Political and social institutions have women inclusive policies wherever relevant and undertake implementation of these policies.

Result-3. Enhanced access of women to local /government resources.

Other Activities

K.    Staffs

Following are staffs of the project

S.N.Designation of StaffNoTime
ATechnical Staff                                  
1Project Coordinator130%
2District Project Officer1100%
3Social Mobilizer3100%
B.Administrative Support  
4Admin / Finanace Officer (Center)120%
5Admin / Finance Assistant at District1100%